App Radar Central is the app heaven where you could find the details of almost any Android, iOS, or Windows apps. One of the first things you have to notice is that this is not a place to download APK files or such copyrighted materials. App Radar Central only provides download links to the respective app stores such as Google Play Store, iTunes Store, Windows Store, etc. We do not store any of the applications on our servers. So, it is completely safe to use this website to download your favourite applications and to get a better descriptions of them.

Our mission is to provide an online index of the applications alongside a single place to reach all the app stores. Alongside this, we also provide a detailed, precise, and understandable description of the applications. It allows users to easily grab an idea of the app. We also provide screenshots of the applications taken from the Google Play Store which are manually downloaded and uploaded to our servers. We do not hold any copyright of those materials and all of the credits goes to the respective developers. We thank them.