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Requires Android 4.1 and up, iOS 9.0 or later.
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How are you feeling at the moment? Would you play a game, or call a friend to hang out? What if he/she is unable at the moment, would you give up your hope? Absolutely not, let us tell you because you still haven’t heard of Akinator app for Android and iOS. That means – whichever phone you have, you can get it, and for free. So the app in its essence is very simple, yet entertaining. All you have to do is use your imagination, and the fun starts right away!


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Akinator Description

You might wonder what can Akinator offer you? Surely a machine or an app can’t be way smarter, and read your mind? You’ll be surprised. So, before you start, imagine a character in your head. It can be a celebrity, a character from a game, or anything else. In the paid version of this app, the choice expands, and you can imagine your family members and more. Back to the topic – when you have a clear image about the subject, the magical genie will ask you a series of questions. They will range from the color of the hair, eyes, to the type of job he does.

After all the interrogation has been finished, you receive his opinion. And we were quite surprised – because he was right most of the time. That’s because he learns from other players, and constantly upgrades his knowledge. Speaking of players, you can challenge your friends to see who’s better. To make things harder and more interesting – there are Aki Awards. You’ll be awarded for thinking outside the box, and making Akinator sweat. Try to give him a task of guessing an old, almost forgotten character, and watch him struggle. If he doesn’t succeed in guessing, you’ll be given a reward to brag about.

Features of the Akinator app:

  • Challenge the magical genie to guess your character
  • Choose a real human being or a game character
  • Try to think of an old, forgotten character
  • Get Aki Awards in case he fails to guess correctly
  • Challenge your friends to see who is better
  • Parenting restriction mode – turn on the child filter
  • Customize Akinator
  • Make him look like a cowboy, a character from series, or a funny avatar
  • Unlock free customization by playing daily
  • Additional feature to add friends and family
  • Battle with each other, and let Akinator guess even further!
  • The app requires a Wi-Fi connection or mobile data, so keep it on
  • Available in many languages, enable yours if it’s on the list
  • If you like it, purchase the premium version
  • Get rid of all ads, and customize and unlock new characters

1 review for Akinator

  1. Malvina Kirsti
    5 out of 5

    This app is so, so fun. It managed to guess Bred Pitt, the actor I thought of. I really thought it’s impossible he can read my mind, but he actually did, or so it seems. It’s a really good app and has so many opportunities for free usage. It’s nothing like those apps that force you to buy a premium version in order to get rid of all the ads. I’d suggest it to everyone looking for some fun and wonder, or when you make a friend gathering.

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