The Avengers-Iron Man Mark VII

Loud Crow Interactive Inc.
Android 2.2 and up


If you want to take your comics experience to the highest level, look no further than The Avengers-Iron Man Mark VII. This one offers an amazing experience because it’s an interactive comic book, where you can react to certain situations by tilting, touching or dragging, so it’s kind of game. The Avengers-Iron Man Mark VII follows the Iron Man on his adventure to vanquish Ivan Vanko and his army of Hammer Drones. The Avengers-Iron Man Mark VII is a free app, waiting for you to download. It doesn’t take much space, considering the experience it offers, plus the addition of soundtracks from both Iron Man and Iron Man II movies.

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Product Description

Comics are a great way to have fun for hours. Our smartphones can provide you with many interesting comics, and what is best of all is that it’s FREE. Well, nothing changes when we talk about The Avengers-Iron Man Mark VII. The Avengers-Iron Man Mark VII is an interactive comic book experience, which offers so much fun. Interactive means that The Avengers-Iron Man Mark VII offers not just reading the comic, but react to some situations in which your hero, Iron Man can get into. This involves tilting, touching and dragging in order to attack, evade attacks etc.

The Avengers-Iron Man Mark VII is surely one of the best apps when it comes to comics. It also offers outstanding soundtrack from Iron Man and Iron Man II movies to make your experience even more amazing. If you are worried about how long The Avengers-Iron Man Mark VII is, well… it has over 15 pages filled with amazing dialogues and chances for interaction, so it’s just enough for few hours of fun. The Avengers-Iron Man Mark VII offers two modes of reading; “Read to Me” and “Read Myself” in which the app will highlight the words or offer a mode with touchable words, respectively.


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