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By writing notes, we encourage ourselves to be better at what we are doing. How? Well, with ColorNote Notepad Notes you can now schedule events or note things that are important to you, like shopping lists, birthdays schedule, books to read, bus schedule and much more. Oh, ColorNote Notepad Notes offers some pretty colorful and beautiful notes to be attached to your home screen in order to make it easy for you to read them. The app is simple and user-friendly, which is all you need for this kind of app. Try it, it’s completely free!

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ColorNote Notepad Notes Description

Notepad apps are very important because you never know when you can forget something, so it’s best to write it down. Now, forget about using paper and pen, here, we are talking about ColorNote Notepad Notes. ColorNote Notepad Notes is a great notepad app, it’s very easy to use and offers some vivid colors and freshness to it. The interface here is simple and will offer great user experience. Notes are divided into several categories, to make it easier for you to decide where to put your notes. For example, you can create Reminder, Birthdays, Shopping or shopping lists.

This is great because you can now use them as widgets, and put those notes on your home screen. We know that many of us don’t like the home screen being covered in various apps and widgets, but ColorNote Notepad Notes offers beautifully colored notes that will make your screen anything but monotone. Notes can be backed up to SD storage, and the app even supports online back up. ColorNote Notepad Notes supports password locking, to ensure that your notes can be accessed only by you and no one else. Overall, ColorNote Notepad Notes is a fantastic app not just for notepad, but much more.

1 review for ColorNote Notepad Notes

  1. Muhammed Swalih
    5 out of 5

    A unique way to save notes in colorful formats. No more plane texts over the same boring background.

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