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Sansan, Inc.
Varies with device
Requires Android 4.0.3 and up, iOS 9.0 or more.
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Whoever is into business, or looking to become involved in a project of his own, surely needs business cards. It’s a way to both impress someone with good design skills, but both convey a message. You’re trustworthy, and offering your information to him as a means to contact you later. It’s also a good way if you don’t have pen and paper with you, and no one wants to scribble on edges of newspapers or tissues. But as everything progresses with time, and technology becomes better, the cards too. That’s where this idea came from, and Eight – business card organizer features will be at your disposal anytime you have your phone with you – which means, always.

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Eight – business card organizer Description

Eight – business card organizer is an app that requires no support from others. Once you install it, you’re settled for all business contact information. It’s also free to use, which is great and will help you expand the acquaintance and contacts list. Yes, you can write down a mobile phone number, but it won’t contain the full list of information in an easy-to-read interface. Additionally, it does something no other apps do. Once you take a picture of a business card you’ve been given, the information will be digitalized. This means – all the information will be converted into numbers and letters and sorted into appropriate tables.

It holds spaces for home numbers, company, and department phone numbers. But also the contact’s address and e-mail, as well as writing down a company name and the person’s position at a job. It’s one-page that contains all the required data. You can call or e-mail straight from the app, just by clicking on it, which makes things way easier. Furthermore, it’s a full-fledged messenger app as well as a social media one, where you can share news and message directly. The things we loved about it – the information is sorted by people, which means fewer mistakes, and it’ll go into the right table. It makes Eight – business card organizer a great tool to expand the network of people you know.


  • Everything in one place – ultimate business card app
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Get rid of physical business cards after using this one
  • Take a picture of a card, and their team will digitalize it
  • It’s all gonna be done by hand, so everything goes right where it should
  • Have a lot of information on one page – company name and person’s position
  • Home, company, or department number along with e-mail and address will be shown
  • It’s both a messenger and social media app, contact people directly, call and e-mail them
  • A good way to stay in touch with multiple people, never lose acquaintance’s contact details
  • You can use the app free of charge
  • There’s a Premium version that adds a plethora of features, exporting data is just one


  • Clean interface
  • Fast performance
  • Auto-updates of cards
  • Privacy features


  • Not compatible with many devices

1 review for Eight – business card organizer

  1. Leing Chan
    4 out of 5

    I am from Japan and using this application for a while. It is one of the greatest business apps I’ve ever used. Like you already mentioned in the description, everyone may not be able to carry a pen and paper in their pocket. So, for those who are into businesses and want to share their business card digitally, this app is a great solution.

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