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Varies with device
Varies with device
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Running and walking are the healthiest activities you can do in your free time, and now you can track your running and walking progress by using Endomondo – Running & Walking app. This app is great and allows some pretty accurate fitness tracking, not only for running and walking but for 40+ other sports. You can see the duration of your activity, as well as speed, distance, burnt calories, etc in order to stay in shape and improve your physical performance. Endomondo – Running & Walking can also serve as a motivation for achieving your goals, as you can set the goals within the app and work on them. Download Endomondo – Running & Walking for free and enjoy some cool fitness tracking features. Endomondo – Running & Walking also has a premium mode, which is paid.

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Endomondo – Running & Walking Description

When it comes to fitness, Endomondo – Running & Walking is second to none! Take your running and walking activities to a whole new level with Endomondo – Running & Walking. Endomondo – Running & Walking takes advantage of your GPS feature, and if your smartphone doesn’t have GPS, then you can’t use this app. However, Endomondo – Running & Walking can also serve as a great workout tracker where you can see your duration, speed, distance, calories and much more on your workout summary, to help you enhance your workouts. Endomondo – Running & Walking also offers an audio feedback on every kilometer or mile you run, making you informed of how much you’ve run or walked.

You can link Endomondo – Running & Walking with many other apps and Android wear. For example, nutrition information from MyFitnessPal can be imported here, for an even greater monitor of your workouts. You can use your favorite Android Wear to track your workouts and sync with Endomondo – Running & Walking, which is a great feature, and you’ll get all this for FREE. Endomondo – Running & Walking allows for adding pictures and tag your friends in posts and much more. If you are a workout fanatic, willing to step ahead and be the best version of yourself, get going and download Endomondo – Running & Walking for free.

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  1. Muhammed Swalih
    5 out of 5

    Endomondo is an excellent application for tracking the running and walking in your day to day life. The app provides a set of features and functionalities to manage your Walking and Running by keeping track of it. A nice go-to source for anyone need to track their daily activities to stay fit and healthy.

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