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Varies with device, Requires iOS 8.0 or later
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Are you a business owner or maybe looking to become one? You’re aware how huge of an impact social media have on our lives. It’s where we get recommendations, hear the news, follow our favorite brands, celebrities, and real-life friends. If you think you have something to offer to people, this is one of the best ways. Millions of people are already part of the network, and all you need is to create a page. Then, by using all of Facebook Pages Manager features, change settings, reply to customers and their questions, all via your phone.

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Facebook Pages Manager Description

Like we already mentioned, it’s imperative for your business or a hobby to have a Facebook page. If you’re already an owner of one, this can expand it further. So, in case you own a page already, and it’s hard or next to impossible to be close to your computer at all times, this is the solution. Facebook Pages Manage has all the latest notifications pop up right away, allowing you to see the comments and reply. Plus, it gives you a way to connect with customers because you can reply to their messages wherever you are. Even when taking a walk or in a grocery store, they won’t have to wait.

Furthermore, you can post with your brand name, manage and see the statistics. Also, link the page to your Instagram page and merge them together. You’ll be able to answer the comments all from one place, without having to go back and forth. In the end, besides push notifications to receive instant updates, you can use Insights. It’s a feature that will allow you to see all the details of Facebook Pages Manager and your page in general. Track the latest promotions to place a good ad, see the activity by handy stats and graphs and decide the best time to post.

Features of the Facebook Pages Manager app:

  • Manage your Facebook page, or create one if you don’t have it
  • Everything can be done right on your smartphone
  • Stay in touch with the latest news, create partnerships
  • Post newest updates about your brand right from the app
  • Read and give your answer to questions your customers might have
  • Get a push notification about all the newest related news
  • Don’t lose track of promotions, see the stats and graphs
  • Link your page to your Instagram, have one inbox for both
  • Build your business by following those, know when to post
  • In the end, welcome all the new members when they join

2 reviews for Facebook Pages Manager

  1. Lappar
    5 out of 5

    Facebook Pages Manager is a great way to manage your Facebook pages easily without having to visit their website every time.

  2. Opora
    5 out of 5

    Facebook did a great work with incorporating the features in this application to let users have access to all of their Facebook pages in a single place.

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