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Varies with device
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Explore the full potential of your favorite social media website with the Facebook app. Facebook is free for all platforms and offers the best possible experience while exploring the official Facebook website, offering a ton of features.You can now post updates, pictures, videos and decide who you want to share it with, by using Facebook. Watch live videos and upload your live streams to Facebook and see who is watching and liking your posts and videos. Advertise free and find a job easily using Facebook app. Facebook is, and always will be free for all platforms, including Android, iOS, and Microsoft Windows.

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A few years back, Facebook, the most popular social media website was ported to Android OS as an app. Facebook is, indeed a great app for any platform that allows you to fully explore the world of Facebook. What makes this app so special is that it has all of the possibilities from the desktop website, from sharing pictures, videos, posting updates, sharing the link, and much more. A few years back you could also chat on Facebook, but now you’ll need Messenger, which isn’t that bad, considering that Messenger is one of the best apps for chatting.

Facebook will take a moderate amount of space on your storage, but it’s worth it. By using Facebook, you can create groups or join the existing groups on Facebook, in order to find a job, discuss various stuff and much more. Facebook has been known to also be a great tool for advertising, so you won’t have to pay for ads anymore. On top of that, Facebook is a great tool for letting your friends know where you are and how are you feeling, which is always good to know. You can also use Facebook for educational purposes or streaming live videos. Don’t wait, Facebook is free for all platforms.


  • Connect with people all over the globe
  • Set status to let people know how you are feeling
  • Share your thoughts, photos, videos, etc. with the world
  • Get famous by gaining fans who like you
  • Watch videos, live events, and more
  • Comment on others posts and engage with the community
  • React to posts based on what you feel
  • Play online multiplayer games with other Facebook users
  • Find out local businesses, stores, and people
  • Find out social events and join it
  • Facebook Marketplace to buy or sell stuff


  • An excellent way to connect with people
  • Amazing interface
  • Fast and secure messaging
  • Unlimited media storage
  • An entertaining application


  • Lags down sometimes
  • Lots of ads floating around

1 review for Facebook

  1. Muhammed Swalih
    5 out of 5

    Everyone knows the use of Facebook, the largest social media platform there ever was. The app provides a great interface to interact with the Facebook community right from your mobile. No need to visit the website to chat with your friends or post something on your wall.

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