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Lightricks Ltd.
Android 4.1 and up, iOS 9.0 or later
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Facetune is an app intended for helping you look your best, day or night. Remember that day when you woke up swollen and red? You probably cursed the whole day because that pimple just won’t go away. Your eyes were tired, and the dark circles showed up underneath. Well, that won’t be a problem anymore, because Facetune is here. Not only is it fun, but it’s a powerful way to fix your appearance. Facetune received a lot of praise from not only celebrities but well-known magazines as well. It is free to use, and all you need to download it from one of the official links of Android, iOS, or Windows at the top of this article.

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Facetune Description

Who isn’t a fan of looking their best at all times? If you aren’t, that’s about to change, as soon as you give Facetune a try. Have you ever envied celebrities on your favorite magazine cover? They look flawless and without a spot on their face, their hair in place and shiny. No, they aren’t superhumans, and although they have access to things you don’t, they’re not that far ahead. Not only is professional retouch extremely expensive, but it’s complicated and takes time. But why waste money and time, if you’ve got a chance to try Facetune for free? Facetune has a lot to offer, so let’s take a look at exactly what:

You can easily remove skin blemishes, or remove dark circles under your eyes. If you’re in a hurry to do your makeup, don’t worry – Facetune has got your back. You have the ability to add natural makeup artificially, and you won’t notice a difference. If you’re feeling your teeth aren’t white enough, you can use their teeth whitening tool to give them some polish. Are those stubborn pimples bothering you? You can remove them in a matter of milliseconds, along with redness and dry skin. Are you a person that likes change? In that case, you can change your eye color, refine your jaw, and give yourself a makeover, so download Facetune from the official links given here.

1 review for Facetune

  1. Muhammed Swalih
    5 out of 5

    A very useful Android, iOS app that allows making your photos looks great. It can turn your bad looking photos into amazing ones within a matter of minutes. If you want to edit your photos but don’t want to use a professional software like Photoshop, Facetune is the best app to do the job.

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