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Google Calendar is one of those apps that will surely be one of the most important for you. Why? Well, Google Calendar aims to increase the quality of your lifestyle by making the most out of your every day. You can now organize your activities and tailor them to suit your lifestyle and time. Aside from the classic calendar functions, Google Calendar offers tons of other functions for you to check out. For example, you can use it for fitness and exercise, by setting the date in which you want to exercise and Google Calendar will notify you when it’s time.

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For a busy people, with a lot of job to do or events to attend, a calendar is a must. And of course, you want a simple calendar with some basic possibilities which doesn’t take much space. You’ll be happy to hear that Google Calendar is one of the best calendars you can download for FREE. It has a beautiful, colorful and vivid interface which is very, very simple. Of course, aside from viewing which is the date, you can create “to do” lists in order to keep track of your planned activities and business.

Google Calendar is also a great tool if you like to exercise and do fitness, especially if you are running. For example, you can set the day in which you want to run 3 laps and it will notify you when it’s the time to do that. What is best here is that this is an official Google app, which is usually on your smartphone when you buy it. Google Calendar is a great tool for organizing your activities and time them perfectly, so they fit your lifestyle. This app works great, with a minimal amount of bugs and glitches, as it’s very simple, yet effective app, important for the most people.

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  1. Muhammed Swalih
    5 out of 5

    Google Calendar is the digital calendar on your smartphone, providing much better features than the calendar on your wall or table.

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