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Google LLC
Varies with device
Android 4.1 and up, iOS 9.0 or later.
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Google Duo is an app made by tech giant Google, intended on helping you maintain your friendship or relationship. It’s described as the best one-on-one video and audio calling app. Google made sure that it works on both Android and iOS, so there will be no difficulties in contacting your friends or relatives. The best feature of Google Duo is how simple it is, all you need to do is open up the app, and the fun starts. It is reminiscent of FaceTime people love and use, and it works similarly.  There’s absolutely no need not to have this one on your Android or iOS device, so download Google Duo from one of the official links provided here.


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Google Duo Description

Google Duo is one of those apps that can save your friendship or a relationship by working its magic. It allows you to make high-definition video calls with your significant other, friends or relatives. And what’s best, it’s really simple and works great. The interface allows you to see your contacts in circles and allows for an easy call switch. The video calls are of 720p HD quality, which is good enough for a great conversation, but also efficient. Google Duo has been optimized for low-bandwidth conditions or areas with a bad signal.

Your mom told you not to talk to strangers, and Google Duo agrees with their Knock-Knock feature. This one allows you to see a live preview of a person calling you, and help you decide whether to take the call or not. The boundaries are non-existent, because the app works on both Android and iOS, allowing you to talk to friends regardless of the device. The video can be automatically downgraded with their algorithm if it detects network problems. If video just isn’t an option for you, you can still do an audio-only call. You can be absolutely sure your conversation is private, as Google Duo has an encryption enabled by default. So why wait, give it a try!

2 reviews for Google Duo

  1. Peter
    4 out of 5

    I study in a different city from the one my family lives in. I recently changed from iOS to Android, and I found Google Duo to be a good replacement for a FaceTime. Little did I know, it works on iOS as well, and I’ll consider using it back at home. Anyway, the app is pretty simple and easy to use, so I had no problem teaching my Mom. Even my Grandma learned to use it, so we talk from time to time. The video quality is great, depending on the WiFi strenght.

  2. Ricky
    5 out of 5

    Google Duo is a nice application. I really love Google for all of their products. This one is no different. They always try to provide their best to the customers. And this time as well, with Google Duo they did the same. Really appreciate their efforts in providing great service to the customers.

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