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Google Fit - Fitness Tracking

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Varies with device
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In the past couple of years, fitness trackers gained a huge popularity, because of people’s need to feel and look good. Google Fit – Fitness Tracking is here to bring your fitness status to a whole new level, by implementing some cool features and take advantage of your smartphone sensors. Google Fit – Fitness Tracking will help you track your running and walking distance, measure your speed, and give some basic recommendations about your fitness activities, serving as a coach. Google Fit – Fitness Tracking can be synced with other devices and apps, making it a versatile and reliable fitness tracker, that is free of charge.

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Google Fit – Fitness Tracking Description

Google Fit – Fitness Tracking is a great fitness tracking app from Google. Although its primary category is “Health & Fitness”, Google Fit – Fitness Tracking is best used if you have Android Wear. Google Fit – Fitness Tracking works by automatically logging in to Google Fit, if you have Android Wear and start to run or walk, so you can effortlessly track your fitness progress. This app also allows for real-time monitoring of your activities, where you can track how many steps you’ve made, how long you’ve run or walked, at what speed and much more. Everything here is full of details, in order to help you reach your fitness goals faster.

Google Fit – Fitness Tracking can help you in reaching your goals by allowing you to set the desired amount of activity for the day, to easier fulfill it. The app also serves as a coach and will give you some recommendations for your fitness activities, based on many factors such as goal weight, current weight, height, age etc. The best of all is that Google Fit – Fitness Tracking is a free app, and as such offers pretty decent content. It isn’t the smallest app out there, but it’s worth every megabyte it takes.

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  1. Muhammed Swalih
    5 out of 5

    As always, another great application from Google, this time in the Fitness section. The app provides a set of functions to accomplish your fitness goals by keeping track of your daily activities.

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