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Android 4.3 and up
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GPS Speedometer is a great app for measuring your travel distance, as well as its speed. GPS Speedometer supports Car and Bicycle mode for more precise measuring. It features a solid, user-friendly interface that manages to display all of the info on the single screen, without the need to scroll. GPS Speedometer also offers many options for customization, to make it look and feel better for the user. This app is frequently updated and its possibilities will continue to evolve for sure. Have in mind that GPS Speedometer is free for Android, and you can download it from Google Play at any time.

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GPS Speedometer Description

GPS Speedometer is an app best used for cars and bicycles. Sure, it isn’t a substitute for a GPS device but it offers some cool features for a smartphone. It allows for measuring travel speed from one place to another in different units like Mph or Kph. Also, it shows some advanced features like minimal speed, maximum speed or average speed throughout the journey. Not only, that, but GPS Speedometer is a far more versatile app in terms of content and information. GPS Speedometer will offer you more info about weather, to keep you aware of possible changes and determine how you should drive.

It has an analog speedometer that can be set either to car or bicycle mode. Aside from those features, GPS Speedometer offers a good amount of customizability. The app has a great interface, packed with info about everything you need on a single screen. It also supports a full-screen, landscape mode for better utilizing the space of your screen. HUD is also customizable, and you can change colors from a wide choice in GPS Speedometer. Overall, the app will do fine for those who like to travel and spend much of their time traveling. A highly recommended app for traveling fanatics.

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  1. Muhammed Swalih
    5 out of 5

    In any situation you want to measure the current speed you are traveling, for example, if the speedometer of your car isn’t working as expected, this is a perfect application to measure the speed using your smartphone.

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