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Requires Android 4.0.3 and up, iOS 9.0 or more.
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Hay Day is a farming game developed by SuperCell the creators of many other popular games such as Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, etc. It is a very feature rich farming game suitable for people of any ages because of its highly flexible gameplay. You cannot expect some super cool 3D characters in this game. It is one of those strategical, fun, and cool games that will help you pass time quickly. The game has many levels with a lot of achievements and unlocks keeping it enjoyable from start to end. I don’t think you will ever get enough of this farming game on your Android or iOS devices.

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Hay Day Description

Hay Day is the perfect farm simulation game for your devices. It is not that hard to maintain a virtual farm with crops like Wheat, Corn, and animals like Chicken, Cows, etc. You will be given a basic lot to cultivate some crops which can be expanded over time as you progress in the game. You will have to earn coins to purchase more lots and earn better by selling the cultivated crops on the market. As soon as you start making a stable income from the crops, you can purchase machines that produce bakery using the crops. That will be an addition to your income from the farm.

You can also purchase a section for the cows and add more chickens to the lot, then start collecting eggs and milk. It is not as fast as cultivating the crops which sounds a bit strange to the real-life scenarios. For producing milk, it takes a lot of time when compared to cultivating wheat for example. Also, you will have to feed the chickens and cows whenever they feel weak so that you can make them more resources that you can sell to the truck coming from the market. A pretty good farming game that anyone will enjoy playing which is a bit strategical.


  • You can Grow and customize the farm in the game
  • Cultivate crops, bakery, milk, eggs, etc.
  • Clean your farm by removing rocks, cutting unwanted trees, etc.
  • Trade crops and goods to make some extra bucks
  • Trade crops and goods with your neighbors or friends
  • Collect and deliver orders to make money
  • Upgrade your farm to make coins fast
  • Overtime craft your own town and start welcoming visitors
  • Progress in the game and unlock more traits, lots, and earnings


  • Fun gameplay
  • Clean interface
  • Progress throughout the game
  • Good app performance


  • Takes time to progress

1 review for Hay Day

  1. John Lucas
    5 out of 5

    I would say, the best ever farm game. Have been playing it for a while with a lot of coins spend on upgrading the lot. It definitely worth playing and spending time on. I never faced a bug in the game like I did on many other games including those developed by Supercell themself. If you are planning to play a farming game on your Android devices, this should be your first preference. There are some alternatives out there, however I still prefer Hay Day above all of them. Highly recommended.

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