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Varies with device
Varies with device, iOS 9.0 or later, Windows Phone 8 and up.
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It is growing extremely important to be available at any given time. You might miss a job opportunity, important news, or even your crush breaking the ice and saying hi. Kinda scary, and very important, isn’t it? Well, worry no more – download LINE: Free Calls & Messages from the official links at the top. We have to emphasize – it’s available across all systems – Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Furthermore, you’re able to text, call, video and audio call and for free – if you have a WiFi connection nearby. For this reason, WiFi is the best option, but if not available – mobile data will serve you loyally as well.

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LINE: Free Calls and Messages Description

So, you’re studying in another city, far from home. Maybe you’ve got a girlfriend that stayed behind while you’re getting your precious education. Using your phone to call can get quite expensive if you’re used to talking for an hour. Whether it’s your family or your significant other calling you, you’d like to utilize it to the maximum. And why waste money when you can use LINE: Free Calls & Messages. If you have a WiFi connection in your vicinity, you’re in luck. You can send both texts and pictures, but if you’re in the mood – send a GIF as well.

You’ll be able to express yourself in both the good and the bad days, and thanks to LINE: Free Calls & Messages. Send an emoji or maybe a sticker, make someone’s day. Furthermore, use both voice and video calls free of charge, and save your data on your phone memory. As a matter of fact – you can sync everything you shared with friends across your smart devices or a PC. Remember those GIFs we talked about? LINE: Free Calls & Messages can turn any video into a GIF, and reduce the size considerably. The absolute best feature in our opinion is the 24-hour un-send message option, which will save your dignity in so many situations.

Features of the LINE: Free Calls & Messages app:

  • Create a big intimate group conversation with your friends
  • Talk to up to 200 friends in your group
  • Face-to-face video chats with your family
  • Create a poll, see what your friends think
  • Easy integration with social media
  • Check the shop with tons of free stickers of your favorite characters
  • Sync your devices, have your information wherever you are
  • Store your data on your device, share it easily with friends and family
  • Follow LINE official accounts or celebrities
  • Polling your friends allows for an easy and fast decision
  • Audio and video calls for free
  • Call from wherever you are, just need an Internet connection
  • Everything is an option here, from text to video
  • Send photos, videos, emojis, and stickers
  • Stay in touch with LINE, learn about their new apps from entertainment and communication
  • You can call internationally at very low rates. Friend doesn’t even need to have LINE!

2 reviews for LINE: Free Calls and Messages

  1. Oddo Gero
    4 out of 5

    LINE app for Android is really great and easy to use. All you need to do is have a mobile phone, and you’re all ready to start. It doesn’t even need to have special specs or features, this one is lightweight and good. The only bad thing about it is the absence of an option to disable Line News. I sometimes don’t want to read everything about it, just want to message my friends. Other than that, a great communication app you should use by default.

  2. Leyla Seraphina
    5 out of 5

    I usually use Messenger, but when I met my boyfriend on Omegle, he didn’t have a Facebook account. That’s what pushed me to go searching and downloading LINE, as he only used that one. Since then I’ve fallen in love with this green beauty. We communicate each day, call and talk on our front-facing camera, I send him emojis and stickers. The best part – it’s completely free if you have a wireless Internet connection at home like I do.

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