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Requires Android 4.3 and up, iOS 9.0 or later
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LinkedIn Job Search is an app that shouldn’t be confused with the official LinkedIn app, but it’s their official one. In fact, there are a few more in their portfolio, as they’re dedicated to bringing you the best job experience seeking or offering possible. Well, with this one you’ll have all the tools to find a dream job. It will scan based on your location, and present you with a list. Of course, you can check employers’ profile to see people’s impression, things they specialize in and more. In the end, if you like what you see, you can apply right from the app itself.

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LinkedIn Job Search Description

Have you tried freelancing already? Maybe being your own boss just isn’t for you at this moment, for whatever the reason. The next best thing is to find an employer that’s respected among other people in the vicinity, pays on time, and doesn’t expect you to be a slave. That’s very hard to find, right? Well, it isn’t with all the features of LinkedIn Job Search. It’s very easy, once you register and add your skills, qualifications, certifications, and personal traits, you’re ready to go. It will start scanning for employers in your vicinity and then you’ll go from there.

If you already know of a company or want companies in a certain niche only, that’s possible too. Once you find a few that you like, you can save the search and easily keep an eye on things in case they change. The best thing is a notification that appears once spots you seek open up, which allows you to grab an opportunity of your lifetime. We know what you might be worried about – you’re already employed at a dead-end job, and afraid your boss will find out. Well, that would be awkward, and let’s not even go there, a disastrous situation for your income. But don’t worry, your job-searching is private and only you will know about it. What a relief!


  • One of many LinkedIn branch apps
  • Helps you find the job of your dreams
  • Start out by making a profile
  • Add your skills, personality traits, qualifications, and certifications
  • Then search by company name, your location or niche
  • Easily filter and bookmark jobs or companies you’re interested in
  • Get notifications once certain spots are free to apply
  • The app helps you find a job by their smart recommendations
  • Private – your current boss won’t find out you’re looking for a new job
  • In the end, apply and hope for the best!


  • Nice list of jobs
  • Fast application
  • Many features to find specific jobs


  • The process is very slow

1 review for LinkedIn Job Search

  1. Nihana
    3 out of 5

    Has been trying to find a job on the Job Search. There is a lot of listed jobs available, but none of them were useful to me.

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