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Manga Box: Manga App

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Requires Android 4.1 and up.
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Once upon a time, the manga culture has been limited in size, away from mainstream media. You weren’t exactly considered the most popular if you were reading one of those. In the meantime, the popularity of manga comics has grown almost linear. The best proof of that is one of the useful apps for reading – Manga Box: Manga App. It has a wide variety of features – and first of all, reading popular creations of Japanese artists is completely free. You can browse for the newest issue but also go back to where it all started and read from issue one. In essence, a great app for Japanese culture lovers!

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Manga Box: Manga App Description

In today’s day and age, nerd and geek are becoming a word to be proud of. You would’ve been an outcast in the past for loving some of the manga classics. Fast forward to today – where Death Note has been translated into a movie! Almost every popular manga has been adapted into an anime, and the viewers are growing in size constantly. It’s a cool time we live in, where you can cheerfully mention you like Tokyo Ghoul, and read Yu-Gi-Oh manga before it was cool. Now let’s go further, and mention the app all this story is about – Manga Box: Manga App.

Not only will it allow you to read the manga for free, but you’ll easily find a new one that spikes your interest. You can go and read the issue that just came out, but also go back about 12 issues in the past. Although Manga Box: Manga App is free, it’s far from boring! You’ll still get to read top-selling manga artists without worry. The app is imagined as a weekly-based magazine, but the updates are on a daily basis. That means you’ll get to read new things every day, and wave goodbye to boredom. Do you like what you read? Then give it a try and download Manga Box: Manga App from the official link on the top.

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  1. Stojan
    5 out of 5

    I’m not in Japan, but I’ve been following the culture products over the Internet. As the years went by, I fell in love with all things Japanese. Manga Box is an app I now use on a daily basis when I’m reading on the phone. I instantly found my favorite mangas, and later heard their suggestions. If I didn’t, I would miss out on a lot of quality content, and I bet I wouldn’t have even heard of some those. I recommend this one to everyone that likes to read Japanese manga. And don’t forget – you read it from right to left, unlike what you were taught all your life.

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