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I know I might sound like a douchebag, but it’s all for good fun, you’ll see. Have you got anyone that s scared of mice, and just jumps on a chair or a couch right away? Usually breaks something in a moment of panic, and it’s just hilarious to watch them? Of course, mice create damage in the home, and even if you aren’t scared, it’s not a good thing to have an infestation. That’s where Mouse on Screen Scary Joke app for both Android and iOS comes in. Check all of its features and better description, and download Mouse on Screen Scary Joke from the official links if you want.

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Mouse on Screen Scary Joke Description

Just like you guessed, it’s an app that will create quite a scary situation for the person, but it’s all for fun, just like the creators’ name is. It’s done pretty well, although it’s very hard to project a 3d object onto a 2 screen. But you don’t need a 3 projection to scare it, it will be an instinct that kicks in. So how does it actually work? Well, you take the victim’s phone, and with a little distraction, install this app. Then, just set a convenient time for the rodent to appear, and hand it back to them.

It’s of utmost importance not to look suspicious, just relax and wait. When it pops up, it will be like real mice running across his screen. They will act realistically, start and stop, sniff the air, run away. Also, they will always be in the foreground, overlapping every app and the home screen. That ensures that even if your friend is reading e-mails or checking his Instagram, it will pop up. The bad thing is – some users report a slightly unrealistic sound that comes out of it. But that’s all good, do you really think your friend will notice a detail like that when he starts running?

Features of the Mouse on Screen Scary Joke app:

  • A seemingly real mouse or mice will appear on the screen
  • Predict the time your friend will be using his phone, and set the timer
  • They will sniff, stop, look around and run, it’s very convincing
  • Always appears in the foreground, overlapping all apps, so they won’t miss it
  • The movement of the mice feels natural and fluent, without stuttering to give it away
  • You can set the limits of the screen where it will appear
  • In the end, have fun, and try not to hurt anyone in the process

1 review for Mouse on Screen Scary Joke

  1. Jacqueline
    4 out of 5

    When I first tried the app, I honestly got scared of the mouse running over.

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