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Are you a pet owner, and like them more than your life? Do your pets snuggle up to you, and make you feel better with literally everything they do? We’re sure you talk to them very often, and they just seem like they understand you, but that’s just not it. Have you ever wished your cat or a dog could just start talking, so you can finally share everything that’s on your mind? Well, that’s possible with My Talking Pet… somewhat. You’re going to use a picture from your photo gallery and add a voice of yours to make the magic happen.

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My Talking Pet Description

The magic we’re talking about comes in form of app’s clever work behind the scenes. They will bring the picture and voice you provided to make your cat or a dog come to life. Also, it’s not limited to dogs and cats, whichever animal you’re a fan of will do just as good. It’s the perfect choice for when you’re bored and your pet is around you. We’re going to add a feature to the list – you do provide a voice for the app. But what if your pet is a female? It would be weird to use a male voice if you’re male, or vice versa.

That’s where app sweeps in and saves the day. There’s a built-in voice modifier inside, to make the voice sound just like you imagined your pet would. User reviews are just excellent for this app, and everyone’s having tons of fun. It’s being constantly updated, and there are, for example, Christmas editions and New Years ones. They come in form of hats, glasses, and other fun things. We must mention the app isn’t completely free. The price of My Talking Pet is just a fraction above $4. That, of course, isn’t a price that’s gonna break your bank, it’s more of a developer support sum to help them improve.

Features of the My Talking Pet app:

  • Take a photo of your pet, or use one from your gallery
  • Add a voice from your microphone
  • Use app’s own voice modifier to make your pet sound just like you imagined it would
  • App will automatically track facial features and make your pet come alive
  • Make your pets even cuter and funnier
  • Share them with friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks
  • Unique Christmas and New Year hats, glasses, and more
  • Have tons of fun with it, who wouldn’t want their pet to talk?

1 review for My Talking Pet

  1. Peter Ram
    1 out of 5

    The app is not available anymore.

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