MyHeritage – Family tree, DNA and Ancestry search

MyHeritage - Family tree, DNA and Ancestry search

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Do you get into an awkward situation when you just can’t remember that cousin your Mom keeps mentioning? Were you ever embarrassed when you didn’t recognize your distant relative that just keeps insisting you’re related? You can forget about those situations because now you’ve heard of MyHeritage – Family tree, DNA & Ancestry search. This beauty of an app is a useful tool that provides a family tree on the go. Whether you’re just curious about your past or need some help with that third cousin wedding you’re going to, you won’t be disappointed.

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MyHeritage – Family tree, DNA and Ancestry search Description

The app is simple and easy to use. You start by building your own family tree – add your parents, grandparents, and relatives you’re familiar with. Then let the MyHeritage – Family tree, DNA & Ancestry search work its magic. They possess a breakthrough technology that is safe and secure to use, helping you uncover data you never knew. You will be glad to hear that all the data is synced across your devices, and being helped by other users. The app will instantly match information other users input against yours, creating links you never knew existed!

If you want extremely precise data about your past, let MyHeritage DNA help you. With just one swab of your cheek, you’ll get an exact look at what makes you-you. The option called SuperSearch is an advanced historical record that already possesses a huge chunk of data. It’s the go-to people search engine when it comes to genealogy. You just input the information you already have, like war documents, marriage and death certificates or date of birth. The next step is easy – just extract the data you’ll receive from the database to your app. It will definitely make your family tree more complete, and you can always add photos of people you know.

1 review for MyHeritage – Family tree, DNA and Ancestry search

  1. Petra
    5 out of 5

    I found I had ties to some famous World War 2 heroes using this app! It allowed me to have my family tree at my fingertips and even decided to have my DNA tested, that’s how compelling it was. Not only that, but I found my family functioning way better since I started this little project, we talked a lot more. During my discovery, I had to contact some relatives I haven’t talked to in years, and that brought us closer.

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