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Varies with device, iOS 9.0 or later, Windows Phone 8 and later.
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If you haven’t heard of Netflix yet, you must be living under a rock. It is the world’s leading streaming service based on subscription. You can watch not only the most recent movies but follow all episodes of your series as well. The service has spread all around the world, and those countries that haven’t yet received access will get it soon. You will instantly become a part of a huge community for a little monthly fee by downloading Netflix using official links provided. Whether you’re using Android, iOS or a Windows Phone, the app is available on your device.

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Netflix Description

If you’ve heard the phrase ”Netflix and chill”, and you’re wondering where it originated from, you’re at the right place. Netflix can be a God-given app for you if you’re a huge movie lover, or like binge-watching your favorite series. All you have to do is pay a small monthly fee, and the fun is at your fingertips. Watch as many movies as you want, pause and play when you’re ready to continue. Forget those annoying 20 minute TV ads, the future of watching a program is here. Are you wondering what’s the fuss about? You will get 30 days to make sure it fits your lifestyle.

If you like it after a month, they’ll start billing you automatically. In case you realize it isn’t for you, you can cancel anytime and you won’t be charged. Netflix works across many devices, so you can start on one, and continue watching on another. They’re kings of recommendations, so by rating your favorite TV shows and movies, you’ll get suggestions. Netflix has risen in popularity really quick, and it’s been in use all over the world. Between 100 million and 500 million people have downloaded it, so there must be a good reason for that. So why not give it a shot and see for yourself?

3 reviews for Netflix

  1. Katia
    5 out of 5

    Does Netflix even need a review? If you haven’t heard of it, I really don’t know where you live! But let’s keep things moving, with a monthly fee you can watch all the newest movies and series that come out. Some of them are even launched as a premiere, so you’ll be among the first people that watched it. It doesn’t cost a lot, and it automatically charges you at the end of the month, so you won’t have any obligations, just keep enjoying. You can create multiple profiles on one account, so you don’t have to pay for each of the family members. Parents can also restrict kids from watching some gory shows or more adult content.

  2. Becky Johansson
    5 out of 5

    I use Netflix pretty much on a daily basis. After a long school day, I just lie in bed and enjoy it. The quality is pretty good, and I already feel bad if I pirate stuff from the Internet. This is the best way, and also pretty cheap. The best thing is some series premiere on Netflix first, or movies sneak peeks, and more. I also share the account with my best friend and a boyfriend, so it’s extremely affordable and useful to all of us. I’d recommend for you to download the app from the links on the top right away. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain, trust me.

  3. Adrian
    5 out of 5

    Who hasn’t heard of Netflix yet? Even my Grandpa and grandma are subscribed and use it to watch their favorite series. I bought them the subscription as a bet with my friends, thinking they won’t even know how to use it. Turns out, it was one of the best things that they got as a present in life, or so they say. It’s pretty cheap and you can make multiple accounts which is a great thing. You can even take a trial if you’re not sure if it’s for you.

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