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Polaris Office for LG

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Infraware Inc.
Android 4.1 and up
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Office apps are now fundamentals of every smartphone, and they are really important. If you are a lucky owner of LG smartphone, you’ll be happy to download Polaris Office for LG for free. It’s a great office app that offers some of the best features of a smartphone, like reading PDF files, editing Word, PowerPoint and Excell files and much more. Polaris Office for LG also doesn’t take much space on your storage, making it easy and fast to install, yet the very useful app for your smartphone. It will work great even on older smartphones and is greatly optimized for that purpose. Feel free to download it on your LG smartphone.

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Polaris Office for LG Description

We all know about Microsoft Office and yeah, it’s very good, but what about Polaris Office for LG? Well, if you are an owner of LG smartphone, you’ll be happy to hear that Polaris Office for LG is great app, suited for LG devices only. It has almost all of the features that you want from your office package to have. You can edit and create Word documents, PowerPoint presentations and Excell sheets. All of this is done efficiently, fast and with ease in Polaris Office for LG. PDF files are no exception here, and Polaris Office for LG will be able to open them easily.

As Polaris Office for LG is a free app, you may not expect such performance, but it’s solid for LG devices. Your created documents can be shared with this app, directly to email or any other service, plus it supports adding comments to your documents, for further discussion, if needed. Another interesting feature here is Camera mode, which lets you take a picture of something you want to appear in your document. Overall, Polaris Office for LG is an amazing app, which is free and will not take much space on your storage. Highly recommended for LG owners.

1 review for Polaris Office for LG

  1. Muhammed Swalih
    5 out of 5

    A perfect application to Read, Write, and Share documents from your mobile devices.

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