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Varies with device
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Skype for Business for Android is an app that aims to increase your efficiency when doing business or various projects. A good communication is a very important factor when it comes to business, and Skype for Business for Android is here to help you develop it. It offers tons of features like organizing meetings, sharing videos with others and you can easily join the existing meeting with a single click. Skype for Business for Android is only for those who seek the best app for their business, at the best possible price- free!

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Skype is a great app for communicating with other people by using chat, audio or video call function. The best fact about it is that it’s completely free! Skype for Business for Android offers the same experience but on your Android smartphone. This is great because you can now communicate with your friends wherever you are. Skype for Business for Android offers some options for successful communication with your business partners, which is great and will make your job easier. You can initiate a group IM or video conversation and invite additional participants, making your meetings more efficient.

Skype for Business for Android offers more options, where you can share your video and view other videos during the conference. Meetings are very simple to join; here, you can see upcoming meetings and join them easily via one click. Searching contacts were never this easy, as they can be searched by name, phone number and email- great for finding your desired business partner. Skype for Business for Android can be used by anyone, as it’s completely free. If you have a business to take care about or need to improve your communication with your team members, this app is probably the best way to go.

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