Tattoo Name On My Photo Editor

Tattoo Name On My Photo Editor

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Get some badass tattoos on your photos with Tattoo Name On My Photo Editor. Tattoo Name On My Photo Editor is a great photo editor with many possibilities, with the main being adding a tattoo to your photo. This app boasts over 100 different tattoo styles and you can even add text tattoos and customize their style, color, and size. Tattoo Name On My Photo Editor is simple to use and requires just to choose a photo from your gallery and apply some tattoos. This app also takes advantage of tattoo stickers which you can apply on every photo. Pair that with cool filters and you get an amazing result. Check it out, it’s free, and don’t forget to share your picture with your friends.

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Tattoo Name On My Photo Editor Description

Classic photo editors are somehow getting boring. Add a new filter and edit some other setting and that’s about it. However, Tattoo Name On My Photo Editor isn’t about that, but it offers some of the best tattoos for your photo, that look and feel realistic. When you add a tattoo using this app, you can also edit your photo and add some filters, which is a great addition to this app. Tattoo Name On My Photo Editor offers over 100 types of tattoo for you to chose, from various pictures to custom-written text. The editing is simple, and all you have to do is to take a photo or import it from your phone.

The next thing is to add a tattoo or use a custom tattoo creator, where you can write the text and edit it using various fonts, colors, and sizes. If you want to add an extra layer of awesomeness to your photo, Tattoo Name On My Photo Editor has over 250 tattoo stickers for your photos and you can easily use them. Tattoo Name On My Photo Editor can use an option for a direct sharing to social media websites, where you can show your friends your tattoos.

1 review for Tattoo Name On My Photo Editor

  1. Muhammed Swalih
    5 out of 5

    An excellent way to add tattoos to your images without having to search for them on Google.

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