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Imangi Studios
Android 4.0 and up, iOS 8.0 and up
(3 customer reviews)


Temple Run is an Arcade game developed by Imangi Studios. From the day of its release to date, it is played by millions of players all over the globe. The game is simple, just run through the track, move left, right, up and down by collecting the coins and avoid getting hit by the obstacles. You will be chased by a monster all the time, so you might wanna look after him as well. The game has an addictive gameplay that unlocks certain characters, apparels, achievements, etc. as you progress. Easily one of the best Arcade games ever created.

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Temple Run Description

The game loved by anyone, Temple Run. From Imangi Studios, the game is based on an ancient treasure. To be more specific, the character, which you stole the cursed idol from the temple. But things are not as easy as you thought. You are now followed by the Evil Demon Monkey trying to kill you. So, nevertheless to say that you have to run for your life to get away with the cursed idol that you have stolen. There is no way that you can run faster, as soon as you hit any minute obstacle (for example the sidewall), the monkey will get real close to you. One more, you are done. But for the bigger obstacles, there is no second chance for you.

Along the run, you will be able to collect coins that will help you to purchase skills and stuff as well as to modify your character. You will be also awarded special skills as the game progress. There will be literally no end to the game and you all you can do is keep running and running and running. To avoid getting hit by the obstacles, you can move to either left or right, slide down, and jump over. A really fun game to play and pass some time with the topmost level of enjoyment. So, don’t miss playing it.


  • Collect coins and rewards on the go
  • Very easy gameplay
  • Unlockable achievement and skills
  • Numerous characters to choose from
  • User-friendly tutorials
  • Use powers to cheat death


  • Excellent gameplay
  • Easy controls
  • Good graphics
  • Numerous levels
  • Wide range of customizations


  • Lags sometimes

3 reviews for Temple Run

  1. Pistaslori
    5 out of 5

    I love Temple Run. I am playing this game for hours in a single go and still never gets bored of it. I’ve unlocked so many rewards and collected hell lot of coins. But, I have never seen an end for this game. Is there really an end for Temple Run? I don’t think so. But there must be where developers got enough of it, lol. Anyways, a nice running game.

  2. Rajan Santhan
    5 out of 5

    Running on those tracks is one of the best feelings you can get. The game is truly amazing even after the 2nd version came out. I like this one better than Temple Run 2 which is already released. I am not quite sure why is that, there is definitely something that makes Temple run stand out of the crowd from other games on the Play Store.

  3. Rajasthani
    5 out of 5

    I installed the Temple Run 2 after uninstalling this old version of the same game. Just after a couple of hours of gameplay, I regretted my action. The new game seems a bit difficult to control. I end up dying very often and it doesn’t seem so flawless controlling the player in the game. So, for me, the Temple Run 1 is better than the new version of the game.

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