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Varies with device, iOS 9.0 or later, Windows Phone 8.1 and up.
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So, have you ever wanted to keep your chats a secret? It might not be a secret you want to keep from the government or anything illegal. You just want to know that what you share with your friends or your flirt attempt stays anonymous. The whole concept behind is meant to generate as little data as possible while using it. Messages are instantly deleted after they are received, which ensures they stay invisible. Also, no one can collect your data if data is gone, right? Each Threema user receives a custom ID for his account only, so you can’t create a fatal mistake.

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Threema Description

To be honest, Threema app is intended for very serious, secret-keeping purposes. It comes equipped with high-grade end-to-end encryption. You can chat, voice and video call, and keep everything private and out of reach. That especially means the governments, big corporations or other services that want to access your data. Additionally, all local files you send are also encrypted and stored locally, to prevent malfunctions and stealing. Certainly, the key is stored on your device, so you’re the only one that has a physical access. That should prevent all the exploits and backdoor from gaining entrance.

In the end, if you’re not a fan of apps, they also offer a Threema Web application, so it’s accessible from multiple devices. What’s more – remember how we mentioned governments and data collections? It is a big issue in 2017, where Google and other services collect our data and sell our shopping habits. Well, with Threema, you won’t need to worry. You don’t even need an e-mail or a phone number. They’re 100% secure, located in Switzerland with great user-friendly laws there. For the features of Threema, you’ll have to pay only a small fee if you want to use it for something really serious. Also, to make sure you’re talking to a trusted person, you can confirm their account by a QR code, or a key fingerprint.

Features of the Threema app:

  • Create a voicemail, write text messages
  • Ability to make an encrypted voice call
  • Allowed to share pictures, locations
  • It is an absolutely anonymous and encrypted messaging tool
  • Send a variety of files, pdf, gif, picture types
  • Conveniently reply with a quick agree/disagree feature of Threema
  • If you’re not sure who’s the other person, verify the profile by QR code
  • Groups can easily be created
  • Make a poll among your friends or colleagues
  • If you don’t have a current access to app, use Threema Web
  • Dark and Light theme

3 reviews for Threema

  1. Azzurra Solveig
    2 out of 5

    I’m very disappointed with Threema, truthfully. As of the latest update you guys did, all my data was erased, and I was back to the welcome, login screen. It only says ‘Welcome to Threema now’. I hope you can fix this and get my data from a backup or something, or I’ll stop using it forever!

  2. Darshan Bambang
    5 out of 5

    This app isn’t really for everyone, as it isn’t free. Although it costs only a bit more than $3, it’s intended for a bit more serious purposes, or if you keep in touch with today’s happenings, and are scared. I heard about net neutrality, where ISPs can allow or ban certain websites from us, and that’s why I got this one. It allows me to talk privately, messages are deleted after arrival. All the data is encrypted and stored on my phone, which makes me feel safe. If anyone wants to get it, he must come and physically take the phone from me, which I hope won’t happen.

  3. Carlos Nelu
    5 out of 5

    This is an app I’ve been waiting for ages. Now I’m not a secret service agent or something, you must understand that. I’m just an ordinary guy that follows the news and saw what Snowden uncovered about government. That’s why I decided to pay just a small fee to keep all my sharing, conversations and group chats secure. I feel so safe using Threema, and I’d recommend it to anyone.

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