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You probably weren’t aware how much you need Tiny Scanner – PDF Scanner App in your life. You’re either involved in some kind of business or taking classes at your college. Whatever the case might be, you sure take pictures of receipts, notes, cheat sheets (we’ve all did it), and more. Then they sit in your gallery until you decide to delete them. But what if you need to print some part of it for an assignment? You will have to manually rewrite all that you see on the image, which takes a lot of time. Well, the time of doing that is over, you can be sure.

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Tiny Scanner – PDF Scanner App Description

We’ve given you a hint at where you could find an use for it already. You take a picture of class notes, for example. Then Tiny Scanner – PDF Scanner App will convert it to PDF in form of an image for easy storage. You’ll have all the images in form of one file that can easily be transferred to another mobile phone or a PC. That part is very easy, thanks to integrated email, Dropbox,  Evernote, Google Drive and all similar apps integration. You can also directly send it via Wi-Fi network to your PC or any PC nearby.

The rest of Tiny Scanner – PDF Scanner App details are intended for helping you make it as quality as possible. For example, you can choose color scanning, grayscale, black and white. This helps if there are no images in the picture, and it’s just a plain text. Page edges are automatically detected and the image will be straightened. Also – play with contrast to achieve the best visibility, change the page size to fit your image, quick search and organize scans you’ve already taken. In the end, in order to keep everything safe, your PDF can be password-protected, of course. Just don’t use it to prevent people from copying your notes, we all need help sometimes!

Features of the Tiny Scanner – PDF Scanner App:

  • Scanner app right on your phone
  • No need for expensive scanners that are heavy, phone camera is good enough
  • Allows you to convert images taken by your phone into PDF and sorted
  • Page edge is recognized automatically
  • Lightweight and fast
  • Change all of the scan names, create folders and subfolders
  • After the scan is done, send it via e-mail, Gmail, Dropbox, Google Drive,…
  • Use Wi-Fi to automatically transfer to your PC
  • Change scan color, grayscale, black and white if it’s a plain text
  • Change contrast to get the best visibility possible
  • Ability to change from A4 to Letter, Legal, and more
  • Quick search all of your documents
  • Protect all of your precious data by setting a password on a PDF

2 reviews for Tiny Scanner – PDF Scanner App

  1. Rihanna
    2 out of 5

    A good application spoiled by the ads.

  2. Kingsley
    4 out of 5

    The ads are unbearable.

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