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Varies with device, iOS 8.0 or later.
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In today’s day and age, in case you’re not using some of the social media networks or chatting via apps, you’ll look like a freak to people. They will think you’re weird and crazy, and like something isn’t right with you. Well, if you just got into the world of messaging, WeChat is a good place to start. Furthermore, it doesn’t take a lot of space, and it’s pretty straightforward and easy to use. Even if you don’t have any friends that use the app or any friends at all, don’t worry. To clarify, WeChat uses a feature called Friend Radar, which will scan and find friends in the vicinity.

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WeChat Description

WeChat is among the best communication apps for Android. And trust us, the competition is tough, there are too many apps out there to count. This one pulls through because it’s pretty easy to use, has a nice greenish look to it, and pretty lightweight. More than 5 million people out there are active users and trust it to deliver important messages. You are ready to start the fun right away, just add family members, your significant other or friends. What, you don’t have friends? Don’t worry, WeChat has got your back.

It has a unique Friend Radar, which we already mentioned, but we had to do it again. It can help you get in touch with people in your vicinity, and who knows, you might find love around the corner. When you do, you can send text messages (SMS and MMS), or even voice ones. WeChat allows you to create groups of up to 500 people, and video calls with up to 9. That’s one of the best features we’ve seen, and no other app comes close to that so far. The ability to call at low rates via this app is also there and works great. TRUSTe has verified this app has the highest level of privacy for you, no other one has got that title yet, so your flirty texts are between you two only.


  • Make a group of up to 500 people
  • Video call up to 9 friends
  • Chat and call your family and friends
  • Easily connected with social media
  • Tons of free stickers of your favorite characters
  • Follow WeChat official accounts or celebrities for the latest news
  • Audio and video calls for free
  • With Wi-Fi or good mobile data plan, call from anywhere for free
  • Chat with text, send audio and pictures
  • Send videos and stickers
  • Express your emotions with emojis
  • In case you don’t have an Internet connection, use WeCall to call with really low rates
  • Share your best moments with a stream of photos
  • The best communication app for privacy and security
  • Use Friends Radar or People Nearby to find friends or just meet new people
  • Send your location with a touch of a finger, share it with friends


  • Faster messaging
  • Free to use
  • A nice interface
  • Consumes less data
  • Free calling anywhere in the world


  • Group members limit

3 reviews for WeChat

  1. Alonzo
    4 out of 5

    Hmm, so what can I say about WeChat. It’s a great communication app for your daily use. You can freely chat, send pictures and videos, or choose a sticker. You can also send GIFs to react funny. That sure helped when I liked a girl 6 months back, and I had good memes at my disposal. She later told me that’s why she found me funny, and fast forward to now, I’m so thankful. I’d say download WeChat from the official links at the top, it might help you make friends, or improve your current relationships.

  2. Mervyn Atlas
    5 out of 5

    I actually heard about this one when I met my best friend on a college campus. She recommended it to me as a way to stay in contact, and it forever changed me. It has some great features, for example, location sharing, so you can let your friends know where to find you. Other than that, send texts, videos, photos, leave a voice message. You can even talk or communicate with a video camera, just like Skype! It’s all in one app, and plus it’s free, what more do you want?

  3. Jagger
    5 out of 5

    All the best to be said about WeChat. I use it to call and text all my friends and they use it as well. I even found a new friend 3 houses down. I actually saw him a few times, just didn’t know we live this close. The best part is that it requires a little storage space, but you’ll need to clean cache often. It’s the best communication app apart from Messenger, I use it for all the purposes.

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