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Android 4.0 and up, iOS 9.0 or later
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While the WPS Office + PDF app is less than 35 MB in its size, it’s one of the best office apps you can download for free! WPS Office + PDF supports over 50 formats of documents which you can read, and even convert. WPS Office + PDF has a possibility to convert any document file into PDF or vice versa, useful for further editing. You can also easily share your documents via email, Bluetooth, NFC and much more using this app. WPS Office + PDF also works with older devices and versions of Android, so you won’t need a high-end smartphone to make it work well. If you take your documents serious, WPS Office + PDF will be the fundamental app for you.

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WPS Office + PDF Description

As you probably know, office apps tend to take a lot of space on your storage drive, however, WPS Office + PDF is currently one of the smallest office apps with its size less than 35 MB. Believe it or not, WPS Office + PDF is one of the best office apps with lots of possibilities, even though it takes that small space on the storage drive. As its name says, it supports PDF files, but not only for reading, as you can convert them into word files, that are much easier to edit. Editing Word files can also be done via this app.

WPS Office + PDF supports multi-windows mode, which is great for dealing with multiple tasks at the same time, and also offers the possibility of converting all of the office files into PDF, whether it’s a PowerPoint or Excell file. WPS Office + PDF has a support for many Bluetooth and USB keyboards, making it very versatile and even easier to use. Now, you can do all of your work using a mechanical keyboard, which is faster when it comes to writing. With all that in mind, we need to say that WPS Office + PDF is full-fledged office app, capable of almost anything you want from it.

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  1. Muhammed Swalih
    5 out of 5

    Literally, the Microsoft Office alternative for smartphones.

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