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Varies with device
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Forget about using your browser to stream videos on your smartphone. Now, we have the greatest video streaming app on a smartphone, and that is YouTube. This app is completely free and offers great user experience, being very efficient, fast and user-friendly app that will make the most out of your video streaming experience. If you are a YouTuber, great! YouTube now allows for uploading videos directly to their service, keeping you in contact with your subscribers at any time. Don’t hesitate, create your account and enjoy the largest base of videos on the planet!

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YouTube Description

YouTube may be the most important app when it comes to fun. This app needs no special description, as we all know that YouTube is a service that allows streaming videos for free. Of course, videos located here are versatile when it comes to content, but it’s safe for children as there isn’t any explicit or adult content. It’s easy to use, just install it and you gain access to some of the most popular videos on YouTube, including various music videos, gameplays and similar. Should you sign in, you can use your account for many functions.

For example, you can comment on various videos, subscribe to channels and get notifications when your favorite YouTube channel uploads a new video. YouTube now supports uploading videos directly from your smartphone, which is great for Vlogs. Also, there is a function which allows instant sharing of the video, using just a single click. Videos can be shared to any website you like, by copying the URL of the video or just share it directly. Of course, YouTube is one of the most popular apps on Google Play, thus being completely FREE and ready to use whenever you want, plus it doesn’t take much space on your storage.


  • Personalized video recommendations
  • Videos from your favorite content creators
  • Watch later feature to watch content anytime you want
  • Upload videos, edit them and add music right from the app
  • Share the videos to anyone you would like
  • Likes/Dislike, comments, and share videos


  • Clean and clear interface
  • Fast video streaming
  • Millions of videos to browse
  • Filter system to find videos faster
  • Super-fast navigation


  • Lots of ads

6 reviews for YouTube

  1. Jacob Moor
    5 out of 5

    I’ve been using YouTube for several years now. It is the best video app for Android smartphones. If you are a video lover, you should install this app on your smartphone. I recommend it.

  2. Maithili
    5 out of 5

    YouTube is the best video streaming application on the internet. Downloading Youtube app will give you the complete control over your smartphone to stream videos online. The interface is pretty well built and no problems were there when I used it. But one of my suggestions is that, Google should make a pretty well update with some unique features.

  3. Bakar Hoston
    5 out of 5

    YouTube is a magic. Thousand loves to Google for creating such an amazing video sharing application. No matter what kind of video you need, there is always something on YouTube. Whenever I feel bored, I just navigate to YouTube and find some cool and funny videos. It is very relaxing. A must download app for Android devices.

  4. Baby Rafas
    3 out of 5

    We can understand the fact that you want to make money from YouTube ads. But Google, listen to this. It is not funny when we see tens of ads on a 15 minute video. You are putting ads over and over again and keep talking about the user-experience. So, as a great fan of YouTube, I would love to say, it would be great if you can keep the ads to the minimum as possible. It is kinda irritating.

  5. Jatti Jok
    5 out of 5

    YouTube is my favourite website. Apart from the ads that causes some issues sometimes, YouTube app is one of the best apps that I ever installed on my iPhone. I would love to see more features such as the Offline streaming which already implemented on the app. It is a great feature for such a great iOS application. So, keep doing this awesome work YouTube.

  6. Lana Fox
    5 out of 5

    YouTube is easily my favourite application to watch free videos in my free time. I enjoy using it to spend my free time. Really one of the most important apps any Android or iOS or whatever OS user should be using.

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