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Android 4.0 and up, iOS 7.0 or more.
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In order to have a successful business nowadays, it’s important to stay in touch with the technology. Yes, there are shops with owners that are pretty old and don’t want to update their store and expand what it has to offer. They keep it old-school and it sure has a certain charm to it, and that’s okay. But you’re a guy or a girl that’s modern, and social networks and audio & video advancement are only going to help, not hurt you. That’s where all the ZOOM Cloud Meetings features come very useful, and best of all – completely free.

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ZOOM Cloud Meetings Description

The app is something like Skype, but for 100 people at the same time. Plus, the original one lacks many important features, so they made Skype for Business, and you might want to check that one out too. Just like on that one, you can schedule meetings at a certain time zone, and easily set them to repeat daily, weekly, or monthly. Additionally, you can set up meetings in real-time, wherever you are. It’s understandable – you can’t be in multiple places at once, and people sometimes require your confirmation or advice. That’s where this app comes in, so let’s take a look at all of ZOOM Cloud Meetings details, and what it has to offer.

First of all, besides scheduling and hosting meetings, you can use audio and video, group texts, photos, and more. The best part – it’s available for both Android and iOS, but for a PC as well! This means – wherever you are, whichever device you’re using – you can be there in no time. It works overall networks, whether Wi-Fi or your own mobile data. It’s been optimized to consume as fewer data as possible while getting the job done. Also, something we liked very much – safe driving mode. You shouldn’t take your eyes off the road, and they know you’ll be tempted, so they decided to help you out.


  • One of the best conference apps for Android and iOS
  • Allows you to keep in touch with your employees/employer
  • Audio and video calls, functionality based on business calls
  • Send texts, audio, and video, Google Drive or Dropbox files
  • Easily check whether a person is available
  • Add new people to your group via phone, e-mail, and other info.
  • Perfect for streaming seminars, or creating webinars
  • Works on both Wi-Fi and mobile data
  • Optimized to use as fewer data as possible
  • Up to 40 min of group calls for free


  • Group calls
  • Fast live calls
  • Consumes less data


  • The free call has a limit

1 review for ZOOM Cloud Meetings

  1. Jing Hong
    5 out of 5

    Being a business owner and in lockdown, Zoom is great productivity improvement.

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