10 Best Apps for Android

10 Best Apps for Android

Android is a highly-customizable operating system for smartphones, due to its open-source nature. This is great because it allows its users to use it the way they want and customize and download various apps. The whole concept of Android is based on apps that help users in some activities and can make some processes easier. Today, we’re not going to talk about games, but apps, you know… programs used for various functions, but not gaming.

Best Android Apps

So, if you are ready and already grabbed your popcorn, let’s check our list of 10 best and the most popular apps for Android.

1. Messenger

If you know a little bit about Android and Facebook, it’s nothing strange to you that we decided to put Messenger on the first place on our list. For a few years, Facebook couldn’t be used for direct messaging, because Messenger is required. So, if you have a Facebook account, and chances are that you have, Messenger is a must. It allows for easy communication with your Facebook friends, using typing, emoticons, GIFs, stickers and even posts something like “stories” on Instagram. Messenger underwent some major updates throughout its existence and is now the perfect messaging app.

Download Messenger

2. Instagram

The two most famous social media apps are Instagram and Facebook, which we will talk about later. Instagram is, however, best accessed from smartphones, unlike Facebook which features are available on other platforms. If you use Instagram on Android, you gain access to a big social network with many accounts. Instagram is focused on posting photos and videos, unlike Facebook where you can post almost anything. There are also “stories” which you can upload and they will last 24h from upload. A great and easy-to-use app for accessing your favorite social network.

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3. Facebook

Oh, did we mention Facebook earlier? I think we did. The oldest social media website, with far more versatility than Instagram, which doesn’t mean that Instagram is bad. Facebook offers its users many possibilities like chatting, uploading photos or videos, statuses, and even advertise for free. It’s a great app because you can access this social media very easy, and is fluent, simple and always reliable. You have the full access to all of the possibilities with this app, regardless of how good your smartphone is, plus it doesn’t take much space on your storage.

Download Facebook

4. Clean Master

Clean Master is one of the best apps for improving your smartphone performance. No, it will not clean your device physically but will help improve overall performance and stability. Using Clean Master, you can delete unnecessary files, accelerate your memory (RAM), scan any file in your storage for viruses and much more. If you decide for Clean Master, you won’t need an additional antivirus program or any other cleaner, because this app offers everything you need for improving your performance and user experience.

Download Clean Master

5. AliExpress

Are you a fan of internet shopping looking for cheap stuff online? If your answer is positive, you’ve come to a right place- AliExpress shopping app for Android. What this app offers is stable, reliable and fast shopping at any time, like using a PC version of a website. You are prompted to make your account and enter your card number and you’re ready to go. Stuff is bought with a single tap to the screen and there is free shipping on more than 75% of products. Crazy, right? On top of that, you can do this from any place and anytime, using just your smartphone!

Download AliExpress

6. SoundCloud – Music & Audio

When it comes to listening music for free, SoundCloud is second to none. It offers more than 120 million tracks from various artists and various genres. Here you can find literally everything you want from music, from techno, electronic, dubstep, country, folk to extreme music like hard rock and heavy metal. What do you need more? Oh, did I forget to mention that there are no ads here? Overall, a very cool app which will not take much space but still be one of the most useful apps in your smartphone, guaranteed! Just don’t forget to turn on the internet connection.

Download SoundCloud

7. Google Photos

Editing your photos might be an exhausting work for you, but with Google Photos, things are different. Developed by Google, this app offers a possibility for editing your photos, but also for managing them and delete if needed. It’s something like built-in Gallery, which you can disable if not needed, but there is no need for that. Google Photos is a simple, free and detailed app for photo editing, with many filters available and advanced settings like hue, saturation, color, brightness, focus etc.

Download Google Photos

8. Starbiter

Starbiter is one of those apps that can earn you money if you invest your time in it. It serves as an app for finding a job near you, usually, for a short period of time like one shift for example and in fact, it’s really great for that purpose. Starbiter detects your location and displays some of the jobs that are offered by other users of Starbiter. You can also be an employer and seek someone who will do something for you. A great app with a great community eager to do business.

Download Starbiter

9. Google Earth

Google Earth is great if you want to explore our beloved Earth with ease. You can select a particular country and the city and “walk” the streets of your chosen city or countryside. There really isn’t much to say about the app, as it’s best that you experience it for yourself. Just be sure not to use your mobile internet, but Wi-Fi connection, as it really demands a lot of data for displaying various places.

Download Google Earth

10. Duolingo: Learn Languages Free

Finally, an app that can be very useful if you plan to move to another country- Duolingo: Learn Languages Free. Here, you can’t learn literally every language but the most popular re here, and some of them are English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Irish, Greek, Polish, Hebrew and much more. Learning is fun and is done by looking at various pictures and guessing which is the word that describes its content. Also, you can use a microphone to talk, thus learning right accent of your desired language.

Download Duolingo

An app lover who has an Android smartphone and loves playing around them.


  • Would recommend Duolingo any time. The app is great to learn almost all of the popular languages you always wanted to learn. If you are into learning languages and stuff, Duolingo is a great way to get yourself started. I learned German from this application. That was so much easier than paying for a course.

    Mitru Bia Reply
  • Google Earth? Does anybody use that app anymore? I remember using it a while ago and I do not honestly think that it is one of the best applications you can get for your lovely Android smartphone. I agree with most of the items in the list. However, don’t think that the Google Earth app deserves to be in here.

    Kingsley Reply

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