10 Best Apps for iOS

10 Best Apps for iOS

Mobile phones are getting more and more versatile nowadays, so we have many operating systems and platforms for mobile phones. Speaking of that, iOS, Android, and Microsoft Windows are the most popular operating systems, counting millions of users. Every operating system has its advantages, but we are not going to talk about that, instead, our primary focus today are apps for iOS. iOS is the second most popular operating system at the moment, slightly behind Android, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad because it’s getting more popular by the day. So, what are the 10 best apps for iOS you can download for free? Let’s find out.

1. Messenger

Messenger is often used for Facebook messaging, but as this app get more updates, it becomes far more versatile. If you decide for using Messenger (and you must, if you have a Facebook account), you are able to send even SMS or use functions like video or audio call. These functions make Messenger one of the most useful apps for any smartphone, especially if you use Facebook on daily basis. It doesn’t take much space and it’s fast, reliable and has some pretty cool, new options which we leave up to you to discover.

Download Messenger

2. YouTube

YouTube is a famous website for streaming videos and thanks to smartphones, we can now watch them everywhere at any time. Youtube is very simple to use and requires a Google account if you want to subscribe to various channels and create your playlists. Aside from that, Youtube can be used by any user and make an account isn’t necessary. What is good about this app is that it’s fast, plus a newer version of the app allow you to upload videos directly from your smartphone as well as broadcasting live video.

Download YouTube

3. Facebook

Facebook and Messenger are always together, or at least should be together, but our concern here is Facebook. What Facebook offers is a fluid and quick exploring of that website using a simple smartphone app. It allows you to do anything you would do on a PC version of a website, with simplicity being a number one priority here. Although Facebook doesn’t require that much Internet data, you can still download Facebook Lite which is an even more simplified version of Facebook.

Download Facebook

4. Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker

These types of apps are gaining popularity quickly and have become the staple of every smartphone. Why? Well, we think it’s now common for people to do some kind of exercise and eat as healthy as possible. This is why Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker is great. It helps you calculate a total amount of calories in a day and also keeps your track of a diet. You can also enter your weight and height and monitor your progress throughout the month or year. A very user-friendly, yet effective app.

Download Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker

5. Steam Mobile

Gamers, good news for you. The best online digital distribution platform is now available on smartphones and it works flawlessly! Steam Mobile lets you create an account or use the existing one and have the access to all the functions of PC version of Steam, except playing the games, of course. But, you can buy games, communicate with people, add products to wishlist and much more. It’s fast, reliable and great for catching daily deals at Steam at any moment. All you need is Internet and you’re good to go.

Download Steam Mobile

6. Duolingo

Whether you have a problem learning foreign languages or not, Duolingo is here to make that even easier. Duolingo is created especially for learning the most used foreign languages like English, German, Italian, Dutch, French, Hebrew, Norwegian and much more. Learning was never this easy, with many methods available for you. You can look at various pictures and guess the word used for the content of the picture. Duolingo can take advantage of your microphone, prompting you to speak in order to learn the right accent for your preferred language.

Download Duolingo

7. Daily Yoga

From its name, you can imagine what this app is about. It’s about being good at Yoga and offers some of the best instructions you can find on a smartphone for free. Once you decide to practice yoga, turn on the app and you can see various poses as well as listen to music that will help you practice and chill when doing so. It’s like a real yoga teacher, plus it plays music for you. What can be better?

Download Daily Yoga

8. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is like a Youtube for music. It has over 12 million tracks posted at the moment and that number is increasing every minute. It’s great for listening various genres of music from electronica to heavy metal, as well as upload your own music. If you are signed in, SoundCloud creates custom playlists of recommended songs and artists for you, based on your search. You can also create your own playlist and listen at any moment if you have the internet available.

Download SoundCloud

9. BBC News

BBC News is a great app for reading news online, and even offline. You can customize your new feed, and read only news from the topics you are interested in. You can select LIVE tab if you want to read the latest news or use other functions to read top news and filter news by categories. What we like about this app are its simplicity and speed. Although it doesn’t consume much internet data, it still manages to be quick and effective. The addition of saving the news for offline reading is great, so this app deserves to be on our top 10 list.

Download BBC News

10. PayPal

Last, but not the least- Paypal. Paypal is a great tool for paying and sending money offline, with just a single tap to the screen. It gained huge popularity in the last couple of years, and now you can shop online and use Paypal for paying on websites like AliExpress, Amazon etc. Sending money is also quick and fees are minimal, so we recommend using Paypal for your iPhone. Be sure to have a credit card from your preferred bank linked to your Paypal account, and that’s pretty much it.

Download PayPal

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