10 Best Apps for Windows Phone

10 Best Apps for Windows Phone

Thanks to the technology that always progresses, our mobile phones turned to smartphones within few years from the first mobile phone release. Today, our smartphones can help us in many ways and make our lives easier. Simply, they are somewhat a mini-computer capable of doing almost everything a single computer can. When we mention smartphones, you probably think about Android, but wait, there are other operating systems like Microsoft Windows and from here we now have Windows Phone.

Best Windows Phone Apps

Although Windows Phone isn’t that popular compared to Android or iOS, it still has some pretty good apps for everyday use and we’re going to count 10 best apps for Windows Phone below.

1. Facebook

First place is reserved for Facebook, and I think that you’ll agree. An essential app for those who have their Facebook account ready for use, which makes Facebook usage much easier and simpler. Using this app, you can do anything you can to on your PC, which is great, because it now makes your Windows Phone somewhat like portable PC. Facebook doesn’t take too much space on your storage or uses that much of an internet data, which is great for low-end phones. If you want to explore Facebook, use this app instead of internet browser.

Download Facebook

2. Skype

Before all of the social networking websites introduced options for video and audio chat, Skype was the king of communication between two or more persons. In fact, it still is. Skype has a user-friendly interface, easy to comprehend and use. Here, you can add contacts and communicate with them using old-school chat method or call them for free, using your camera and/or microphone. Yes, you can do that by using Facebook Messenger, but it’s so much better and reliable using good old Skype.

Download Skype

3. VLC for Windows Phone

When we mention VLC, we all have in mind that orange-white cone, but we all know this hasn’t anything to do with that. VLC Player is a great tool for playing your favorite video clips and music at any time and any place. It has a lot of possibilities and is able to play almost any format you throw at it; OGG, FLAC, MKV, MP3, MP4 and much more. It’s also great because it doesn’t take much space and it’s FREE like every app on this list.

Download VLC for Windows Phone

4. Adobe Photoshop Express

Although this is more simplified version than the Adobe Photoshop Express on PC, this app offers a terrific number of possibilities. You can now edit your photos like a pro, using a free or premium version of the app. Premium isn’t that expensive, but in our opinion free version is also great. There is a decent amount of filters and other settings like exposure, shadows, highlights and other tools like cropping, resize, rotate, etc. Generally, this is the best app you can get for free for photo editing and is simple to use.

Download Adobe Photoshop Express

5. WhatsApp

WhatsApp might be the most popular messaging app for smartphones. It’s somewhat similar to Skype but is optimized strictly for this platform, and works flawlessly. You can chat with your friends, send pictures and videos even if you have friends using another platform, for example from Windows to Android. One thing we need to mention is a price. Price for this year is free, so it’s great to get it and try it out. After that, the price is only 0.99$ a year, which is almost nothing, which still in our opinion, counts as FREE.

Download WhatsApp

6. Translator

Translators are tools that are often very underrated but can sometimes help you a lot in many things. This Translator can translate ANY language into the language of your desire. It’s simple to use, as you just need to type the word or sentence into the blank space, select language or let the app auto-detect it and select output language and there you go! You can use this Translator when chatting with strangers or need to translate documents for your school or business. A must-need app for Windows Phone!

Download Translator

7. The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel is a classic app for checking the forecast, a very useful app for many reasons. First, there is an hourly forecast as well as 15-day forecast, which is great if you are planning a trip for example, so you want to inform yourself on the weather. This app can also use GPS function to track your device and inform you of future weather at any time. It displays rain, snow and extreme weather conditions, keeping you aware at any time and place. On top of that, the interface can’t be more simple. Just install it, place widget on your home screen and you’re good to go.

Download The Weather Channel

8. Office Lens

There are similar apps to Office Lens, but Office Lens nails it! Here, we are talking about using your smartphone camera for scanning and capturing various documents, recipes or whiteboard notes and transforming them into an Office document, Power Point file or PDF, which you can save to your smartphone or upload to OneDrive storage. The app is well optimized, works great and saved documents are clear and comprehensible because of automatic color calibration and cropping.

Download Office Lens

9. Poki

Poki is used for saving various links and articles which can later be used even on another device with this app installed. Of course, you’ll need to log into your account to be able to use this feature. It boasts a nice-looking and simple interface where you can set various reading modes and change the theme of the interface. A great and simple app for reading and keeping your links at a safe place.

Download Poki

10. Netflix

Netflix and chill maybe? I mean, who doesn’t know about Netflix. Netflix can turn your Windows Phone into a portable cinema, where you can watch your favorite TV show, series and movies with few simple taps on the screen. If you subscribe to the app, you have the possibility to download and watch movies and series right away. You can also use it as a non-subscribed user and subscribe for one month trial to see if it’s worth your time.

Download Netflix

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