10 Best Communication Apps for Android

10 Best Communication Apps for Android

Staying in touch has never been more important than today. We live in a world of instant messages, instant connections, creating relationships with a click of a mouse. In case you break up with your significant other, all you have to do is open an app on your phone. Just send a short message, and if you get an answer, you’ve potentially found a new one. You see how much of an impact can staying available and active have in your life. That’s why we present to you 10 best communication apps for Android, so you can have a better life:

1. Messenger

Messenger is one of the most used communication apps out there and most popular by far. Over 50 million of people use it on Android, although it’s available for both iOS and Windows Phone. It wasn’t like that in the beginning, as it was just a simple app to stay in touch with your Facebook friends. Good news is – it retained that ability, but you can also send pictures and videos, emojis and stickers on the go. If that isn’t enough, go ahead and send a voice call, let that person know what’s on your mind. You can also use it to communicate with your favorite clothing or tech brands, or pages you follow.

2. Messenger Lite

While we’re on the topic of Messenger, we can’t help but mention Messenger Lite. It is a lightweight version of Messenger, which means you need only less than 10 MB of your storage to install. The main purpose is the same as the bigger version, to stay in touch with your Facebook friends. Don’t worry, nothing has gone away with a reduction in size, all the features are there. You can text, audio call, send emojis and stickers, and just stay in touch. The advantage this one brings is a low-data cost if you’re calling a number or using limited mobile data. Also, you can use it on older models of phones, with even Android 2.1.

3. WeChat

This green beauty of an app is surely one of the best communication apps out there. It allows for both text (SMS/MMS) messaging, along with both video and audio calls. Stay in touch with your family and friends easily, or if you’re up for meeting new people, there’s an option for that. Use either Friend Radar or People Nearby feature, which will search and link you to people using WeChat in the vicinity. That’s where the fun can start, and who knows, you might find love. Other than that, you can follow the latest news, celebrities using WeChat, or use WeCall to call at affordable rates.

4. Viber Messenger

Viber is one of those apps you choose for the common features, but some additional as well. The most appreciated and well-known one is certainly the Damage Control. It allows you to delete a message after it was sent, thus saving you from a world of trouble. In case you were drunk-texting your boss, or someone prank-texted your crush, you can mitigate the damage and avoid being embarrassed. Other than that, it’s a great communication app, offering texts, video, audio, voice messages and more. It uses your phone number to function, so in order to add a new friend on Viber, you need to know their phone number.

5. WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp has one of the most clever names out there, and if it weren’t already in use, I’d call my app like this. It allows you to say just that, what’s up? Whether it’s family or friends, all you need to start is their phone number. After that, you can check their profile and communicate. You can also create a huge group of, for example, college friends. Share your documents, cheat sheets, or information regarding the college, or just hang out and have fun. After Facebook purchased it, it went up in popularity, and it has almost the same number of users as Messenger.

6. LINE: Free Calls & Messages

Another green beauty of an app and we feel like green is the to-go color in 2017. But don’t let the beauty fool you, it has an insane number of features. LINE: Free Calls & Messages has the usual features, text, audio and video calls. You can certainly express your emotions with emojis, but also from some of the stickers from the big choice they offer. Why not do it, it only takes a second, but it will make someone’s day. Other than that, you can create a group of up to 200 people to communicate and share data with. All you need is a wireless connection, and you can write and talk for free. The best part – you can sync everything between your PC and mobile device.

7. Google Duo

Google Duo is one of the tens of Google apps, but that doesn’t reduce its quality. Google is determined to help in all areas of life and make it as pleasurable and worth living. We’ve seen fitness and health apps, but now’s the time for another thing – human contact. Google Duo is reminiscent of FaceTime on Apple, where you can communicate with your friends and family by video. In case your connection is breaking, or you use limited data, an only-audio call is an option too. It is available for both Android and iOS, so there won’t be any problems in finding friends to talk to.

8. imo Free Video Calls and Chat

While we’re on a topic of one-to-one video and audio communication, we can’t skip this one. imo Free Video Calls and Chat is certainly winning that that department when it comes to 10 best communication apps for Android. You probably haven’t heard of this one, but we didn’t either until we realized how good it really is. To our surprise, it has over 4 million of users currently, which means it is commonly used. It offers encrypted one-to-one audio and video calls and has an algorithm that will automatically reduce data expense if it detects weakness in connectivity. Make a group of your friends and feel free to gossip lightly, the messages are safe.

9. TeamSpeak 3

We’re nearly at the end, and we’ve chosen the two last apps to be paid ones. Not because they’re bad, as we wouldn’t put them here if they are, but just because some people might get turned off if they have to open their wallet. But do not worry, the price of TeamSpeak 3 is only $2, which is extremely small for the features it offers. It is intended for gamers, to help them communicate with teammates when playing over the Internet. You’ll be able to create a server which people can join with login details and a password if you choose to put one. Other than that, you can full administrate it, kick, ban, mute, but also create new chat rooms for private talks.

10. Threema

In the end – Threema. This app is mostly designed and dedicated to people with secrets to keep, or just people that like to keep things private. It costs $3.02, which is almost nothing but it will give you a lot. In case you decide to flirt, or want to poll your friends for an easy decision, the option is there, and the chat is secure. Messages get deleted after arrival, to make sure you and the person you’re talking to are only that saw them. And not only chat, you can audio and video call with your contacts, allowing for an effortless communication. In the end, everything you send will be encrypted locally and not stored anywhere, which ensures the hackers will need physical access to your phone to get your data. And you’re there to make sure that doesn’t happen, right?

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