10 Best Entertainment Apps for Android

10 Best Entertainment Apps for Android

Entertainment is a big part of our life nowadays. Who doesn’t like having fun and just having good moments in his life? No one, let me tell you. But, sometimes it’s tough to find something entertaining to do, and your friends or significant other are unavailable. Your dog is asleep, or the Internet is down, and studying… just isn’t fun. You’ve watched TV for hours and it just isn’t doing it for you. Will you let the boredom take place? Of course not, and especially after you hear what we have to say about 10 best entertainment apps for Android and iOS.

1. Twitch

First on our list – a very familiar online service, now in the form of an app. Whether you’re into gaming or not, you must’ve heard about this one. This became a great form of entertainment when you’re feeling bored. Just open up a favorite streamer’s page, and see what he’s up. You can follow gamers, artists, or just watch your favorite company announce their new product live. It’s also become a job for some of those people, because if you like what you see – you can choose to donate. That will get you a chance to write a text the streamer can see, earn you rewards, and more.

2. Talking Tom Cat

This is a pretty old, yet very, very fun app. You do need to have a little weird sense of humor because you will watch Tom fart, eat his favorite foods, and purr with excitement. But you also have the ability to poke Tom until he falls and sees the stars. Be a bully even more and decide to feed him foods he doesn’t like, for example, sour and chilly ones, and see his excitement. Now, don’t worry, it’s all for fun, and he will surely make your day when you’re feeling bad. All your information is secure, so it’s suitable for your children as well. No animals were hurt during the usage of this app.

3. IMDb

Do you consider yourself an avid cinema and TV shows fan? Do you follow your favorite shows every day, and surge with excitement when the episode starts? I’d be surprised if you haven’t heard of IMDb, but here’s hoping you will after this, we don’t judge. This is definitely the best website, and an app for your smartphone to keep in touch with your favorite shows, actors, and actresses. You can also follow the latest events in the industry, see who received which award, and more. The recommendations you get when checking your favorite movie are a great help too. Many users create helpful playlists, so let them help you and discover new things to watch!

4. Netflix

An app currently very popular in America, and until now unavailable in some countries. Although there are alternatives, we all know who’s the king and one of the best Android apps for entertainment. That’s right – Netflix. You get a month of free trial to see if you really like it, and after that, it’s monthly cost. It’s very affordable and you can create multiple profiles for your wife, friends, and kids. That way there’s no need to pay multiple subscriptions. You can preview the latest trailers and teasers, but also watch the newest episodes of your favorite TV show while being comfortable on your couch.

5. Akinator

You have probably heard of Akinator from one of your friends. He’s a magical genie you always wished you could meet in real life. First, have a character from a game or an actor in mind. Then let Akinator ask you a series of questions and based on your answers, give you his guess. You’ll be surprised – in most cases he is right! That’s because so many people use the app, and he gets smarter every time. In order to trick him into giving a wrong guess, I advise you to think of a long-forgotten character he just can’t pinpoint. Tons of fun with this one, guaranteed!

6. World History Quiz

Do you consider yourself a history buff? What if I told you there are things you don’t know? But that’s okay because you’ll learn all about them as soon as you give World History Quiz a try. The app comes equipped with about 150 history questions you can give an answer to. For every skipped or incorrectly chosen an answer, you lose a heart. See, that’s a concept you’re familiar with, allowing you to both play and learn along the way. Once you answer all the questions correctly, you’ll receive a Certificate so you can brag to your friends and family. Fun and entertaining!

7. My Talking Pet

Next up – something we all wish for in our daily life. You have a pet that you love more than life itself, he’s your best furry friend, licks and loves you back. He does seem to understand troubles you go through, but if only he or she could talk! Well, that’s possible with My Talking Pet… to a certain point. You use a picture from your gallery, and the app analyses all the facial features and makes your pet come alive! You add a sound from your mobile phone microphone and edit it to your liking. Now your cat or a dog can sound just the way you imagined it in your head.

8. SketchBook

Best entertaining app when it comes to artists and those who are seeking to become one. There are professionals behind the app, and they offer it to you for free. There are so many features to this one – one of the main ones being transforming pictures you take into digital drawings. You have all the useful tools inside, drawing straight lines and shapes, multiplying lines symmetrically to create mandala effects and more. It’s free to use, but subscribing to their service unlocks more brushes, tools and newest updates. A must-have app for those looking to improve their work and spark their creativity.

9. Bitmoji

You use emojis in your day-to-day life; that’s a fact. They help you express your emotions, whether sad, happy, angry or in a celebratory mood. But they’re all generic and get tiring and repetitive after some time. What if I could tell you there’s a way to customize all that? Yes, that’s right – Bitmoji will allow you to create an avatar that looks just like you, if you want, of course. The choices are endless, you can create it any way you want; it’s up to you. Then that avatar will be placed onto hundreds of emojis, or should we say Bitmojis. You can use them on Snapchat and other popular messaging and visual apps for Android and iOs.

10. Mouse on Screen Scary Joke

We’ve saved the funniest but also the scariest app for the end. Now, you don’t have to be the one that gets scared, of course. But we all have that one friend that’s scared of certain things, and mice most commonly. This app will allow you to distract them and install it on their smartphone in a second. Then, just set a timer-based on his phone usage. When the time comes, mice will appear instantly on his screen in the foreground, above all the apps he uses. They will run, stop, sniff, and look around and emit their characteristic sound. Just watch the phone when your friend drops it and starts running!

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